Motors Geiger Antriebstechnik 100% MADE IN GERMANY

We have been putting Geiger Antriebstechnik drives into our exterior blinds for many years. We have our reasons. We believe them. And here are a few reasons why.

“For us the product is not good when it is ready. It is only ready when it is good!”

Geiger drives move blinds, shutters, awnings, screen blinds, pergolas and other sun protection products. You can meet them wherever quality, reliability and longevity matter.

Reliable and proven components ensure safe and quick assembly and optimum torque tuning. The solid processing of all Geiger engines is a measure of reliability, durability, energy consumption and low noise emissions. Long years of experience and never-ending development of technology and materials justify the Geiger system components to be classified as high-tech.

“5-year warranty, including replacement costs.”

No other drive manufacturer can find what Geiger has to offer – all product development stages concentrated under one roof and thus a perfect overview of quality. Geiger develops and manufactures all components itself, so it does not depend on any subcontractors and their fluctuating quality.

Since its foundation, Geiger has been manufacturing exclusively in the traditional plant in Bietigheim-Bissingen. All phases of product life, from the first idea to mass production, take place in spatial and technological proximity. Preliminary work, production and application of engines and plastics – all work steps up to final assembly take place in one plant. Geiger quality is 100% Made in Germany. Without compromise.

All the steps – from the idea to the finished product – are guided, controlled and optimized by department experts. Material and component inspection is paramount. A failure rate of just 0.06% has taken Geiger to the top of the reliability scale among drive engine manufacturers worldwide.

“In harmony with nature”

Responsibility for Geiger also means working with environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials and consistent recycling. Geiger is proud to offer efficient and recyclable end products.

“Independents, aware of their traditions.”

Geiger Antriebstechnik is renowned for its exceptional vertical integration and that is why it is what it is – strong, distinctive and independent, even in the company’s history. One workshop has created a major industrial enterprise, which is now in the hands of the family foundation. The Foundation Code prescribes loyalty to the site and reinvesting profits in its own development and production. The corporate culture is open to the company and is characterized by a strong self-responsibility and high motivation of the employees.

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