Are you missing some products in a portfolio of your company?

We will supply you products of perfect Western European quality at Czech prices

Atypical shapes

Atypical arched and sloped products are our specialty.

Become an exceptional company for your customers and include arched and sloped blinds, pleated blinds, insect screens or exterior sloped blinds in your portfolio.


We do not have low-cost and high-end versions of products. We only produce the highest possible quality products. We do not have time to deal with complaints and we do not have a separate complaints department. That is why we are trying to prevent complaints by the quality of material and components.

Technical support

We will process a precise technical drawing for your order to give the customer an idea of what product he is buying.

Especially for products of atypical shapes, this service is most appreciated by the customer.

Family company

Only a few people work in the company. By mutual agreement, the corporate call dialing and contact transfer wheel is dropping. You will always be in direct contact with the Tisnov or Prague representative of the company. We are not bound by the internal rules of large companies and we are always willing to agree to mutual satisfaction.