Exterior blinds for dormer windows

Sloped blinds, including those for outdoor use, are our specialty. But what if the customer has a sloping dormer window? Is there an optimal solution?

In addition, the customer wanted to pull the slats under the cover plate, which is usually impossible for slopes. The slats simply stop at the beginning of the slope and then can only be tilted. So it occurred to us to make a sloping blind in one head rail, with one motor, but divided into 3 parts.

There are a total of 3 slats parts in the one head rail. Left, right and middle. The trick was that we placed only a textile tilting ladder in the left and right part,  but we dodn´t put a pulling tape in them. The moment the customer presses up on the remote control, the left and right parts only tilt. However, the middle part goes all the way to the cover plate, because the middle part has a ladder and a tape like other standard blinds. The same goes for the downward direction. The left and right parts fold down and the middle part lowers to the bottom stop.

The customer therefore has much greater comfort and flexibility in operating the blinds than if he had one large blind over the entire dormer, which he could only tilt. At the same time, he saved money than if he bought two sloping and one standard blind.

Take a look at even more photos from this interesting realization: