How to care for exterior blinds

You spent hours choosing colors, the type of slat, design, operation, you and the designer put everything in the building plans, supervised the assembly. Your dream exterior blinds are finally mounted and operational and you can start enjoying the shade and coolness. But how to prolong this feeling as long as possible?

Every exterior blind has its weak points, UV radiation and outside influences are relentless, so service is usually required after about ten years. However, this moment can be delayed as much as possible by appropriate care and regular simple maintenance. In a few steps we will introduce you how.

1. Tilting is not enough, the blinds must run

It is tempting to keep the blind open all the time and just tilt the slats according to the direction of the sun. However, it is not suitable for the so-called “ladder”, which is the textile element of the blind that holds the individual slats. Over time, dust and other debris will enter the ladder and, due to rain and moisture, tend to harden. However, if you pull the blind up and down regularly, the ladder will stretch. This will slow down the ladder, which results in poor slat tilting, especially in the “C” slats. Repeat this procedure 2 – 3 times a month.

2. Beware of insects

Sounds strange, but especially slugs, ladybugs and spiders like to seek shelter in the guide rails and the case. Their nests or higher concentrations may cause the pin to jam or other defects. If you live in a village near nature and suffer from this problem, then regularly replace the affected areas, in extreme cases, consult an exterminator.

3. Beware of climbing plants

Quite simple and obvious advice. If you have climbing plants on your house, do not let them grow into the blinds. They can get into the guide rails, they can get on the slats or otherwise prevent the blinds from moving smoothly.

4. Cleaning the slats

Over time, the aluminum slats become clogged with dust and cannot be prevented. You should clean the slats regularly until the dust and dirt level exceeds the no-clean level. Wipe the slats in a continuous motion with a damp cloth. If the cloth no longer helps, clean the slats using a high-pressure WAP cleaner. Replace the guide rails only once in a while using a brush or a brush.

5. If you have problems, call for service

If the tape is already torn out, the cover plate is loosened, the engine problem, or other faults, call a specialist garage. Do not wait for the summer, when all companies with shading technology have a lot of work and postpone repairs, but call as soon as the fault occurs.