Exterior blinds integrated in the facade

If you think about it in advance enough, installing blinds under the facade is the best solution. There is nothing worse than wanting exterior blinds to the house when the house is already standing, is insulated and facade.

Under the insulation or in other types of facades with sufficient interior space, not only can the blind box be installed, but also the guiding strips can be embedded in the insulated lining.

After pulling up the blind completely disappears from the window leaving only unobstructed view from the interior.

1.  Planning

If you are planning to buy blinds for your house or apartment in a plastered version, it is necessary to think about it already in the project. The most important in this respect is the strength of insulation (usually polystyrene). It is important to keep in mind two important details and this is the minimum space for the blind slat bundle as well as sufficient insulation between the box and the masonry to avoid thermal bridges.

Minimum depth of facade boxes:

EZ 90, EC 80, F 80 – 13 cm (ideal insulation thickness 18 – 20 cm)

EZ 70, EC 65 – 11 cm (ideal insulation thickness 16 – 18 cm)

Possible examples:

2. Installation

The work schedule is then as follows:

  1. After installing the windows on the rough construction, the installation of plastering aluminum boxes with brackets above the window comes next.
  2. Facades can then be applied to the walls and window blocks.
  3. Installation of bushings for guide rails in insulated window lining (minimum thickness of insulation for lining the case is 3 cm). Housing should be perfectly parallel with a maximum deviation of +/- 2 mm. Otherwise, the blinds could be jammed.
  4. Application of the final facade.
  5. Final measuring of blinds (here it is necessary to count with every millimeter and it is not possible to know in advance exactly how many layers of glue, lining and paint will apply the facade and how many millimeters more it will do).
  6. Installation of blinds and programming of controls.

3. Facade box and guide rails

The facade box is made of aluminum with a thickness of 2 – 2.5 mm. There is no danger of bending the sheet metal even with very wide blinds. Boxes are always tailor-made for each order, so we can adapt to most dimensional requirements. The height of the box is then always tailored to the blind, so that the wall does not create unnecessary less insulated places.

The facade guiding rails consist of a U-shaped aluminum casing, which is fitted into the scraps and the rail itself which is mounted together with the blind itself.