Terms and conditions

General conditions
Business relationships are governed by the terms of business issued by Systra, spol. s r.o., trida Kpt. Jaroše 1922/3, 602 00 Brno, company ID 44012861 as supplier. The subject of this business relationship is the delivery of goods according to the valid supplier’s price list. Individual business cases are closed on the basis of a customer order.

Supplier’s offers are non-binding unless otherwise stated. Samples, brochures, technical descriptions and drawings that serve as a basis for general guidance remain the property of the supplier. Unless otherwise stated, the data contained in all documents should be considered as approximate and can not be considered binding.

The customer must deliver the order to the supplier with all the requisites. The necessary details of the order are: business name, place of business of the purchaser, VAT number, name and function of the authorized person, indication of the names and codes of the ordered goods and accessories and the number of ordered units, the place of delivery of the goods. If the data is incomplete and the customer had a previous order already made, the supplier may respect the details of the previous order or other statement. The order can not be canceled without the written consent of the contractor. All the presentation of the goods on the website is informative and the supplier is not obliged to conclude a purchase contract for these goods.

Delivery of goods
The supplier delivers the ordered goods to the customer in the place specified in the customer’s order. The cost of transport is borne by the customer. If the total amount of the ordered goods exceeds the amount of 3,000 € or 80,000 CZK, the transport costs are covered by the contractor. In other cases, the transport is charged according to pricelist tariffs to the customer. These costs are payable together with the purchase price for the delivered goods. The additional costs associated with this service are not included in the price of the goods. The buyer is obligated to take delivery of the properly delivered goods from the supplier. The customer is obliged to ensure that the goods of the authorized worker are taken over by the customer. The supplier has the right to deliver the ordered goods also by partial deliveries.

Warranty conditions
The supplier provides a guarantee for the quality of the delivered goods for a period of 24 months or by agreement with the customer. The warranty period runs from the date of receipt of the goods by the purchaser. Supplier’s liability for defects does not arise if these defects were caused by receipt by the purchaser or were caused by the use of the goods in contravention of the supplier’s instructions or the generally applicable rules of use of the goods. The customer is obliged to view the goods immediately after it has been taken over. If the purchaser fails to look through the goods, he can claim a defect only if he shows that these defects had goods already at the time of transition. The risk of damage to the goods passes to the purchaser at the time he takes over the goods or fails to do so in time when the supplier allows him to dispose of the goods and the purchaser breaches the obligation to take over the goods.

Warranty terms
In the event that a purchaser discovers obvious defects in the delivered goods upon its acceptance, he / she is obliged to note this fact in the delivery note or shipping slip and to notify the supplier in writing within three working days. Complaints and other obvious defects must be claimed by the customer within three working days of the date of receipt of the goods. Claims for hidden defects must be relied upon as soon as they are discovered, no later than 24 months after the date of receipt of the goods. Complaints must be filed in writing, the date of dispatch is decisive for maintaining the deadline. The eligibility of the claim must be substantiated by a defective goods sample or by an official defect in the case of quality defects. In the event that the claim is justified, the customer of his / her choice may request: a) the supply of missing goods and the replacement of defective goods for perfect ones b) a reasonable discount on the price. The choice between these claims belongs to the buyer only if he notifies it to the supplier in a timely complaint or without undue delay after the complaint. The claim can not be changed by the customer without the supplier’s consent. Upon delivery of replacement goods, the supplier is entitled to require the customer to return the goods in the state in which it was delivered to him at his expense. The customer is not entitled to reduce the paid purchase discount by discount without the express consent of the supplier. If the purchase price has already been paid, the buyer may request a refund to the discount. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the claim does not affect the obligation to pay the purchase price at the full invoiced amount. The place of performance of the liability arising from the liability for defects is the place of the supplier. The customer does not have the right to reimburse the profit lost due to the delivery of the defective goods or any other additional costs, except for the goods claim.

Purchase price and payment conditions
The purchase price for the goods is listed in the price list for each item. The value added tax is not included in the pricelist. The supplier may send an advance invoice in agreement with the customer. After payment, the supplier sends the tax document to the customer together with the goods. The supplier is entitled to require advance payment of up to 100% of the value of the order, including VAT. After payment, the supplier sends the tax document to the customer together with the goods. The date of payment is the day of crediting the amount corresponding to the purchase price including VAT on the supplier’s account or the date of payment of the amount at the supplier’s cash desk. In case of delay in paying the invoice, the contractor is entitled to set a payment schedule, which shows the amount of installments and the amount of the contractual penalty. The supplier will send the purschaser a notification of the payment schedule. Validity of the prices of goods listed in the price list ends with the issue of a new price list.

Retention of title
The ownership of the goods passes to the customer with the full payment of the purchase price. To full payment of the purchase price as well as the settlement of all claims from the business relationship the delivered goods remain the property of the supplier as goods with retention of title. If the buyer sold this goods themselves or together with the goods not belonging to the seller, he is obliged to seller all defaults from the resale in the amount of the goods value with the retention of title also to assign with all ancillary rights. At the same time, the buyer should make all dispositions regarding the goods with the retention of title.

Resignation from the purchase contract
The Customer acknowledges that he can not withdraw from the Purchase Agreement for the supply of goods which has been produced to the buyer’s order.

Other arrangements
Other requirements related to individual business cases are governed by the provisions of the Commercial Code as amended.