Awnings with the Volant Plus

Do you know the feeling that the sun will bend to the horizon and you are dazzled even though the awning is extended over you? Meet the Weinor telescopic Plus Plus, which once and for all solved this problem.

The retractable Volant Plus is a virtually vertical extension of the Extendable Awning. After the awning has been fully extended, you have the option of lowering the vertical front fabric, which also shades the front of your terrace and gives you more privacy.

To avoid feeling confined, the Plus is usually made with Soltis fabric, which, thanks to its special fine perforation, guarantees not only perfect protection from the sun, heat and passers-by, but also exterior views.

Volant Plus can be controlled by engine and crank. In the case of the motorized control, a second electric motor is installed in the extension profile of the awning, which triggers the extension call. In this case, the extension call can only be started when the awning is fully extended. It is also possible to combine the motor control of the awning and the manual crank control of the telescopic valance.

Take a look on the video: